We’re Id like to go

I always wanted to go to London. I always imagined the tall buildings the busy streets the cars all in a row. All the theaters and actors the funny hats artists wear and also just seeing how the people live. They sometimes have circuses. It also has the same weather as it does here.

The Children of The Lamp setting

The setting of the book I’m reading is at home. It is early in the morning before school and there in the kitchen. They have two dogs Neil and Alan. The brother thought it would be better if they had better names. So they decided on names to rename them and the new names are Winston and Elvis. The house is in New York City.


I love to read! My favorite author is Susan Collins! Susan wrote The Hunger Games series! My favorite out of the three was probally the Second one. I also like the author Avi. My favorite book he wrote would have to be City of Orpahns and the Poppy series. I do a lot of sports so when ever I have free time I’m always reading.








Fall! Fall is my favorite ┬áseason out of them all! Fall is we’re you get to wear a sweater, jump apples pile of leaves and carve pumpkins. We’re you get to go trick and treating in the dead of the night. Have contests on the most creative costumes! Fall is we’re you get ready, ready for the long cold winter! Soon you’ll be sipping hot chocolate! (Unless you already have!) The leaves turn colors and fall to the ground! The views are magnificent! And best of all fall is we’re my familyhangs out the most!