Fall! Fall is my favorite ┬áseason out of them all! Fall is we’re you get to wear a sweater, jump apples pile of leaves and carve pumpkins. We’re you get to go trick and treating in the dead of the night. Have contests on the most creative costumes! Fall is we’re you get ready, ready for the long cold winter! Soon you’ll be sipping hot chocolate! (Unless you already have!) The leaves turn colors and fall to the ground! The views are magnificent! And best of all fall is we’re my familyhangs out the most!




4 thoughts on “Fall!

  1. Hi Bridget,
    My names Annabel and I live in Australia, Camperdown, Victoria. In winter we have footy and netball season so I play netball in the cold and then go have something hot to eat. My favourite season is summer because winter is freezing in Camperdown and its nice and sunny in spring and summer. Although I bet your winter is colder than ours. We never have snow here. Right now in Camperdown its spring where all the blossom comes onto the trees and it’s nice and sunny.
    If you get a chance can you visit my blog?



  2. I like fall, too, because you get to get ready for all the heavy rainfall. See, we never get snow in California! But anyways, I love fall, too!

  3. Bridget that was great I like fall even though my favorite season is winter I really liked how you described your writing with sensory details.:)

  4. I agree. Fall is a very nice season and maybe is one of my favorites. I also like your writing and one funny thing is that for my blog, I have the same theme as you. Speaking of that you should check it all out sometime. Bye!

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